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«A hybrid Managed Secure SD-WAN gives us the best of both worlds.»

Florian Scholl

Project Lead Global WAN

About Marquardt

The German company Marquardt is one of the leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. What started out with an apparen tly simple on/off switch at the end of the 1920s, the employees of Marquardt GmbH have turned into a globally active corporate group of today with a 600-strong workforce. A great deal of knowledge and inventive talent went into it, and just as much passion. These days, the still independent, family-run company has a presence where its customers are — in nine countries and at 12 locations on four continents.

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Marquardt is boosting its flexibility and efficiency with a combination of MPLS network and broadband internet. That its costs are decreasing at the same time is a very welcome side effect.

Mr. Scholl, Marquardt GmbH has grown fast around the world, which also had an impact on your IT. Can you describe the starting point?

→ Florian Scholl: For several years now, our company has maintained branches abroad that are connected to the head office in Rietheim via an MPLS network. Alongside a second location in Germany, we had branches in the United States, China, France, Tunisia, Romania and Switzerland.

Then as we added locations that were less developed, we quickly realized that our concept was not suitable for our global expansion plans

Can you give us some details?

→ It all began in the summer of 2012 when we wanted to connect our new location in Mexico to the network. Instead of the customary 6 Mbit/s or higher, we had to make do with a 2 Mbit/s line. This was also considerably more expensive than what we were used to, compared with the other locations. What made things worse was that we had to wait a long time for those lines. We felt that the room for maneuver was rather limited.

«The internet lines give us more bandwidth at lower cost. What’s more, we are very flexible in the choice of provider and much faster at connecting locations. The advantages of the MPLS lines remain the same: clearly defined bandwidths with clearly defined availability.»

And how did things continue?

→ The location in India was connected at the end of 2012. Once again we faced the same problem. The delivery period for one line out there was six to nine months. And as far as we were concerned, the costs were horrendously high. So we realized that we needed to find a way of connecting locations faster, more flexibly and more cost-effectively.

What happened next?

 We looked at alternatives to our MPLS network, which brought us into discussion with Open Systems. The concept of the hybrid WAN appeared really interesting to us and the services were worth considering. Based on the talks with Open Systems, we then decided to go in this direction and evaluate various possible partners.

«The hybrid WAN helps us reduce costs by a good 20 percent compared with a pure MPLS network.»


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