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8 measures for global companies to remain fit for the future


About Open Systems

As a leading provider of Secure SD-WAN services and Security-as-a-Service, Open Systems secures and monitors IT networks and business-critical applications for global enterprises, institutions and NGOs. Founded in 1990, the company combine technologies, processes and the best human expertise available. Its service quality and operational excellence results in the highest customer satisfaction in the market. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Open Systems currently operates in more than 180 countries, with operations centers in Zurich and Sydney, Australia, and offices in Silicon Valley and New York, USA.

Global companies face the challenge of operating their business-critical applications securely and efficiently across national frontiers. However, relying on simple internet connections quickly pushes the limits. There are, nevertheless, concrete measures that CIOs and CISOs can take to get to grips with this problem.

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