Open Systems is a partner of ETH ZISC

Open Systems is a partner of the Zurich Information Security & Privacy Center (ETH ZISC) of ETH Zurich and will participate in solving future challenges in the area of IT security in the long term.

For ETH Zurich, information security is one of the strategically important areas of research, which the Department of Computer Science has been highlighting for many years. The expansion of the Zurich Information Security & Privacy Center (ETH ZISC) shall boost the research, education and advanced training in the area of information security.zisc-zurich-information-security-privacy-center-eth-open-systems-partner.jpg Let's smile for the camera. From left to right: Dr. Raphael Reischuk (Post-Doc Researcher Network Security Group), Dr. Claudio Marforio (Post-Doc Researcher System Security Group), Dr. Christoph Sprenger (Senior Researcher Information Security Group), Dr. Donald Tillman (Managing Director ETH Zürich Foundation), Dr. Kari Kostiainen (Senior Researcher System Security Group), Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun (Director ZISC), Martin Bosshardt (CEO Open Systems), Prof. Dr. Markus Püschel (Department Head Computer Science), Stefan Moser (Chief Technology Officer Open Systems), Stephan Lampart (Executive Vice President HR Open Systems) and Franziska Juch (Development Manager ETH Zürich Foundation).

For Martin Bosshardt, CEO of Open Systems AG and a graduate of ETH Zurich, the partnership with ETH ZISC is important for two reasons: «A long-term partnership with ZISC facilitates systematic, face-to-face exchange with the world’s best researchers and thinkers in the field of IT security, a topic that Open Systems has specialized in for over 25 years. Likewise, with our commitment we are able to support ETH Zurich in further strengthening its position as one of the leading universities worldwide.»Combined research for the information security challenges of tomorrow.

The Zurich Information Security & Privacy Center (ETH ZISC) of ETH Zurich was founded in 2003. The goal of ETH ZISC is to bring academia and leading industry partners together to solve the information security challenges of tomorrow. The research center, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun, combines the scientific knowledge of the following ETH institutes: Information Security Group (Head: Prof. Dr. David Basin), System Security Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun), Information Security and Cryptography Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Ueli Maurer) and Network Security Group (Head: Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig). In addition to Open Systems, the other industry partners to support ETH ZISC are Credit Suisse, Kaba, NEC, Zürcher Kantonalbank, and Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

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This post was written by Maggie Kornell, Maggie is a technical writer at Open Systems.