Open Systems opens an office in Düsseldorf

Open Systems is growing globally – from Germany to Silicon Valley. Here’s our new office in Düsseldorf, situated in the Medienhafen (Media Harbor) with a splendid view onto the water.


In addition to Open Systems, the Medienhafen is home to over 800 national and international companies primarily in the media, communication and creativity sectors. The harbor of Düsseldorf, which looks back on several centuries of tradition, became an absolute highlight after numerous warehouses by the wharf were converted into offices.

The mixture of old and new buildings, such as the structures by the star architect Frank O. Gehry, gives the Medienhafen a special charm of its own while a variety of restaurants and cafés, and the resulting cultural activities add flavor to the creative atmosphere.

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This post was written by Maggie Kornell, Maggie is a technical writer at Open Systems.